Insurance Appraisals

An insurance appraisal can be done for clients who wish to insure their gems or jewelry against damage, loss or theft. The estate, collateral or antique appraisal will reflect the retail cost incurred in order to replace or reproduce any gems or mounting with the same quality but in a new condition.

Such cost or values are estimates of the averaged current market prices at which the appraised items may be purchased in the average fine jewelry store and do not necessarily reflect the price at which the appraised item may be purchased from any one jewelry store in particular.

An accurate and detailed description is paramount so that insurance companies insure the jewelry items themselves, not their value – the monetary value being a mathematical figure by which one’s premium can be calculated.

Disclaimer: Appraisals are not an offer to buy or sell your items, but for the above stated reasons.

Jewelry Insurance

Did you know that most homeowner insurance companies do not cover personal articles? Most insurance companies that do cover personal articles will only cover about $1,500 of the value of your jewelry or personal items.

A good solution is private jewelry insurance. It is affordable and can give you extra peace of mind.

May we recommend Jewelers Mutual, the leading insurer specializing in jewelry insurance offering unmatched expertise and service. Established in 1913, Jewelers Mutual is rated “A+ Superior” by A.M. Best Company and is exclusively endorsed by the American Gem Society and Jewelers of America.

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